16 Weeks Pregnant

The 16 weeks pregnant mark, or 4th month of pregnancy, is often a wonderful time in the life of a pregnant woman. Not only have all the icky side effects present in the first trimester disappeared – leaving you feeling full of energy – but this is also about the time that you will start to develop the beautiful baby bump! Maternity shopping here you come!

It’s also a wonderful time in the prenatal life of your baby. In fact, it is around this time that your baby is first able to see and hear.  He or she is still only 4-5 inches long and weighs only 3-5 ounces but is developing at a rapid pace! With the bones in his or her ears taking hold, you can now whisper sweet nothings to your baby and he or she will hear you. This is a great time to introduce your baby to your favorite music as well. Additionally, your baby is able to start seeing the difference light and dark, and may even be making cute little facial expressions. (These are all involuntary at this point.)

Many physicians will also schedule a sneak peek ultrasound around week 16 of pregnancy.  And yes, if you choose to find out the gender, the ultrasound at this point will be able to give you a fairly accurate guess of whether you are having a boy or a girl. If you want to find out the sex, you might want to wait until week 18 for the big ultrasound, just in case your due date is off.

As for you, things are probably going well. Weight gain will pick up, which is perfectly normal and okay. You aren’t likely feeling cumbersome and will likely rather enjoy the subtle roundness of your belly. Some of the early pregnancy symptoms which you may be glad to see go, will be replaced by some longer-lasting, but not so annoying pregnancy symptoms. For instance, you might start having some swelling in your feet, may have an increased appetite, nasal stuffiness, constipation, continued breast growth and an increase in vaginal discharge. Bleeding gums and problems with varicose veins may also start developing now. As your ligaments stretch, you may have some light back and abdominal pain, but nothing that will keep you down for long.

Your best bet now is to enjoy this time in your pregnancy. Things are fairly easy as of right now. Your baby is developing well and will soon be hitting rapid growth periods. Take care of yourself by eating well, exercising lightly and getting plenty of fluids and sleep. As you coast through the second trimester, know that the third trimester may not be as carefree and easy, as your pregnancy will probably start feeling more cumbersome.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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  1. Rachelle

    Am 15w 6d pregnant of first baby. A week ago, my mother passed away after fighting cancer for a long and painful time. If I was not pregnant, I would probably go into an awful depression. This baby keeps me positive on life and force me to take care of myself, not letting my sadness ruining my health. In 2weeks, am going to see my Dr. I hope he will be able to tell me which gender my baby is. I didn’t start at all buying baby stuffs because I was more focused on taking care of my mom and wanted to reach the second trimester before doing any purchase.

  2. Abby

    I will be 16weeks tomorrow and and am still feeling very sick. Lost of appetite and tiredness. Normal?
    Before pregnancy i was 5’2″ and weigh 120lbs but now i weigh 129lbs. Normal?

  3. Katrina

    Hello, my name is Katrina. I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow on my third baby. 2 boys age 2 (not twins) hoping for a girl! My appointment is Friday so I’m guessing that’s when we’ll find out. I had a normal pregnancy with my first, a lot of nausea and had placenta previa with my second, semi nausea. He was born premature at 23 weeks. I started hemmorhaging and luckily we both made it. Close call. Now with my third I have a tear in my placenta so we’re not sure how long my pregnancy will carry on. Some nausea. Friday I get to find out more or less about my placenta and if it’s healing or tearing more. It’s great to hear all of your pregnancy stories. Keeps me positive. Good luck with your pregnancies to all!

  4. Bianca

    Hi! I’ll be 16 weeks tomoz, with identical twins. I was lucky, apart from feeling dead tired in the first 9 weeks I didn’t get sick, just felt off all the time. After 9 weeks I’ve had normal energy levels again, just was really out of breath some times. Only the last two days I’ve become cumbersome feeling (I’m a small size) and my belly has popped very obviously. I can’t lie on my back anymore which is fine, but I’m feeling my feet are sore by the end of my work days. It’s all of a sudden caught up with me lol. I can only imagine how big my tummy will be by the time I’m 30 weeks! To everyone else, good luck with your pregnancies, and if you’re still feeling sick I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Laura

    I’m 16 weeks tomorrow our first baby. So far I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant at all, it started with horrendous sickness which left me hospitalised on a drip. Then the GP gave me tablets which I’m still taking some days they work other days I can still find myself vomiting. Iv noticed now that my sickness is slowly starting to go that I am getting awful headaches. Some days these are so bad that I can’t move, Iv tried taking paracetamol but they are that bad they don’t work. My partner is my rock and he keeps telling me I’m doing a good job but I can’t help but feel guilty as I’m always complaining that I’m unwell and spend so much time sleeping. Id love to start feeling well again so I can enjoy my pregnancy that I’m so exited for!! X

  6. Stacey

    Hi ladies, I’m 16 weeks tomorrow 3rd baby. I have a son 9 & daughter 10. Had gender scan at 15w having another baby boy 💙😊
    So happy all nausea has now passed & feeling more energetic! Have felt a few movements so far which makes it seem so much more real & exciting. Good luck hope your pregnancies are healthy & happy ✌🏼️

  7. Wajiha

    I love our pregnancy period😍… I still have a morning sickness😣… i am 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant now but the sickness is not going and its been 3 days i am feeling stomach pain and backache so much tiredness …😪 i can’t wait to feel the baby kicks i hope its gonna come soon In Sha Allah🙄…

  8. sobia

    I am going to be 16 weeks tomorrow, this is my first pregnancy so every thing feels so special. I cant wait to feel my babies first kick i want to feel his presence inside me.

  9. Debora

    16 +5 days pregnant with twins. I have 3 children already. Sickness has been horrendous only calmed down due to sickness tablets from the doctor. Hips and back hurt I’m so mardy haha hopefully that will start to pass.

    My bump makes me look like I’m 8 months gone already but I don’t mind as I can feel them kicking now. We’ll I say kicking I bet they’re having a boxing match in there.

    I made it 10.30pm last night that’s latest I’ve been up since I’ve been pregnant.

    It’s all worth it in the end once they’re here.

  10. Kate

    I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and I am goingg for a gender scan at the 4d clinic…..I am actually so excited I can’t contain myself. The scan isn’t even today and I’ve been awake since 4am. I already have 2 sons and I’m wondering what this little bundle will be. I am still suffering with low energy and sickness, so this has been nice to look forward to, in getting me thru the really hard days where I have felt so unwel. Good luck everyone! Hope ur pregnancies continue to b happy and healthy!

  11. bernanda

    Hi mom-to-be.. im from Indonesia (sorry when my English is very bad) but i enjoy this disscusion, im 16 weeks tomorrow.. i really love this pregnancy also little worried because i ever had misscariage last pregnancy.. im so extra carefull to take care this pregnancy.. wish me luck guys..

  12. Louisa

    Well after the first trimester sickness eased, I was looking forward to a few months of being able to enjoy this pregnancy (2nd, the first was a breeze!). But no suck luck. I’m now struggling with terrible insomnia with heart racing and breathlessness, which becomes less manageable at night. It’s making it really difficult to function at work and it’s affecting my relationship as my partner has to sleep in the living room as I’m sometimes up for hours at night. Aaahhh. Just want a few weeks without it being a struggle. Still really excited though and grateful that our baby is growing well, particularly after an early threatened miscarriage….

  13. Nee

    I am 16 weeks today and it feels my life is back. In my first trimester I didn’t feel sick though, but I had a bleeding episode with low placenta covering the cervix with blood clots over 25 cc. Thankfully it has been all resolved and the placenta moved up, no clots, my bump started showing and baby is healthy. I feel cramps in my lower stomach at times and back pain but simply bearable. My baby doesn’t feel much but I can’t wait for the lil one to start kickin.. Best of wishes ladies 🙂

  14. Hannah

    I am 16 weeks today and I have so much pain in my lower belly and back. The dr said it’s just ligament pain and my uterus stretching, I hope it eases soon. I also suffer from horrible migraines everyday, some days it’s impossible to get out of bed or even turn the light on. So far my pregnancy has not been enjoyable. But I am very excited to find out the gender next week.

  15. vanilla

    im 16 weeks today. i dont understand how everybody can say so early that they feel their babys its still quite early as for me i feel nothing. I feel now much more better but i have now more cramps in my lower back why i dont know. I cant wait to find out the gender

  16. Jenika

    I’m 16 weeks tomorrow with my first and can’t wait to get this energy back that they talk about! I’m always so incredibly exhausted and catch a nap whenever possible. I wonder if my mood swings will go away in the second trimester too.. Those aren’t fun for me or anyone around me! Baby is growing and stretching me out in there. So achy like period cramps. And sciatica down both butt cheeks. Ouch! But if I’m feeling all this, that means baby is doing well!! And that’s the most important thing to me. I feel guilty I haven’t exercised at all yet throughout the pregnancy. Hoping to get back at it in these next couple weeks if I can muster up the energy. Daddy and I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl!! We really just want a healthy baby! It’s so exciting isn’t it?! What a beautiful blessing in our lives. I hope to find out a few days before Christmas so I can make surprise ornaments for everyone to open together! Will they be pink or blue?! 💙👶🏽💕

  17. Mama nana01

    I’m 16+5 weeks and yaaay I got my appetite back, I’m even gaining weight and loving it, my bump is now showing . I just haven’t felt any movements yet or is it because it’s my first? I can’t wait to find out the gender ,my fiancè and I are so excited and can’t wait to hold him/her already. My second trimester is going pretty well so far.

  18. Dana

    I’m very frustrated when I keep hearing about this wonderful second trimester burst of energy, and disappearance of all the ‘icky’ symptoms… That doesn’t happen for everyone unfortunately and it’s often not acknowledged. 🙁

    So far the second trimester has been the worst for me, my back and hips are in horrendous pain which keeps me awake all night, so I’m exhausted all day, and it’s a vicious cycle. I’m still suffering with sickness at unpredictable times and even projectile vomiting without warning, which is worse than my first trimester sickness was. I now also have chronic daily migraines, which are unbearable and I can’t take any medication for it. I haven’t had any burst of energy, I’m just in so much pain that I want to cry so I’m not enjoying pregnancy at all :'(

    I do have a big bump though so at least people are starting to notice that I’m pregnant. Sadly I won’t feel any movement for a long time as I have an anterior placenta, yet another reason the second trimester sucks for me!

  19. Ksenia

    I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first and finally got to the point everyone talks about “happy second trimester with no morning sickness and lots of energy”.
    We still don’t know who we are having, planned ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks from now. My husband has a big birthday (30!) coming in a couple of days and I decided to make a surprise by visiting the third party ultrasound secretly. Even I went for 2D one, I got lucky and the girl who did it, ran 3D and 4D for me. That was incredible to see our baby moving there (it was asleep and the nurse had to wake it up), almost running back and forth, sucking on it’s thumb and making faces. I did let my sister in law and mother in law, who went with me to see the miracle, to find out the gender, and can’t wait for a couple more days to open the envelope and to find out together with my husband for his birthday! Was so happy to experience it yesterday, so many positive emotions!

  20. Nadia

    I’m 15weeks+5 now
    But still have morning sickness, I’m so tired, I always want to sleep. I can’t enjoy my life. I love my baby inside.., but It’s so hard… Thanks God my husband helping me, together we will get there!

  21. Lauren

    I’m 15+6 weeks with my second. This has been one very active baby for a few weeks. Started feeling kicks about 1/2 weeks ago. Got a very neat bump so far. Fiancé is amazed at how it’s growing so quick. Didn’t have any morning sickness. Just very bad headaches and I have sciatica so back pain is horrible. Other than that, going very well so far. Cannot wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl 🙂

  22. Ina

    I’m 16 weeks and feeling pretty well. I sometimes still have evening sickness. It all stars with headaches and after some hours of pain i throw up. And afterwards i feel so relieved. So when i notice some headaches coming up, i can’t wait for the vomiting moment, because i know i will feel better afterwards. I gained 3kg so far. Everyone at work asks me where i hide my bump, because it’s still invisible. I’m feeling tired all over the day, having already heartburns. It helps a lot when laying on the left side. Seems like the pain fades away.
    It’s my first baby and it’s already moving like crazy. I already feel his/her movements. But because of that, we couldn’t find out the gender. Can’t wait for that moment, to know what it is 🙂

  23. katie

    yay, no morning sickness for me. I’m 15+6 with baby number 3 and have a significant bump already and having had spinal surgery 2 years ago I have to wear special belts and supports everyday. This baby is a wiggler and began moving 2 weeks ago and now moves all day. my family are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to feel it for themselves but that’s a few weeks away yet. For now at least I can enjoy this just for me.

  24. Erica

    Reading this made me smile . Im 15 weeks and 6 days . My little baby is growing bigger and bigger each day ! I cant wait to meet him/her ! All these pain and mood swings to me means my baby is healthy and is still with me . Im enjoying my first pregnancy as much as a can as this is my miricle baby . Being told you cant have children then finding out youre pregnant 2 weeks after is truely a blessing . I cant wait to meet my bundle of joy !

  25. Brittany

    I am 15weeks and 6days. I had to be put on a medication to fight the morning sickness, after losing an excessive amount of weight, and being a mere 99lbs when becoming pregnant losing any more would have been dangerous!
    I had an ultrasound at 13weeks 6days, baby measured 12weeks 6days, but thats normal for my family!
    I find my nose is ALWAYS stuffy, and i too have a lot of saliva, i always carry a cup to spit it out in!
    I have been getting sharp, period like pains but have been told this is normal as long as their is no bleeding.
    This is my husbands second child, and my first!
    We are both very excited ♡

  26. reannen

    I am 15 weeks and 6 days and me and my lover are so pleased things ate going well im drinking lots of milk at this stage anf have been for a while i slowly stopped having morning sickness just by drinking milk so would be worth a shot to people who still have morning sickness.

  27. Stevie Llewellyn-Nash

    I am 15wks+6 and am enjoying it thoroughly…..lots of movements and activity happening and can’t wait to find out the sex. My cat, Misty, can sense there is a baby coming and has looked after me, having naps with me, sitting on my lap…she is just amazing. Myself and my partner, did a practice run with a baby crying on YouTube to see how she would react, she was intrigued but not scared of it so I know she will be ok when baby arrives. All is good in our household.

  28. jamie

    I am 16 week pregnantall and already big for say iI’m only 16 week is this normal and why is this??

  29. Dominique

    My long hair orange cat Simba makes a weird whine when he is about to get sick. Usually he is not in an easy spot to clean up his mess so I go and move him to the hardwood floor to make it easier for me to clean…. UNFORTUNATELY the smell of my cats vomit is also one of the smells that sets me on gagging spells to almost get sick myself… but simba is scared of my husband and would be running and getting sick at the same time if he went to do this task.
    So I get out of bed hearing him whine and praying that it won’t stink too bad this time. He was on our brand new couch so I was glad to get out of bed to move him..
    And so it begins. He starts gagging and gets sick the first time. The smell is absolutely unbearable and I can’t help but start to gag.. Simba tried to run. I move him slightly so he won’t cover himself in his own mess. He gets sick two more times before he is done and I am holding back as best I can without breaking the ‘seal’ getting sick myself.
    As I dart to the bedroom where the window is open my husband walks out of the bedroom laughing his arse off to go clean up the mess… expecting to see two seperate ones from the cat and myself.
    After he is done cleaning the mess I get him to spray the entire house in fare air fresher because unless my nose is pressed against the screen simba is all I can smell.

  30. Dominique

    I am 20 weeks now.
    I was lucky to avoid morning sickness for the most part. I found that if I ate something no later than every 2 hours or so would help keep the nausea away that could easily turn into morning sickness. Smells were also very strong for me.
    Anything from the wrong perfume to the stale sent of my own house would send me on gagging spells. The only thing that solved this problem for me were nice smelling things so I had different scented candles and insents placed around the house so I could run grab and stuff my nose in until the bad sent stopped bothering me. As for the stale house.. with negative degrees outside I locked up my cats in the bathroom and had all the windows and doors open for about 30 mins to an hour to get fresh air back in the house. My house was cold but that’s what winter coats are for!!

  31. Kelsey

    I’m almost 15 weeks (first pregnancy) and already seeing a baby bump:) at my job I work on my feet and I sometimes have pains in my stomach but I think its because I’m in my second trimester now and everything is changing. I’m lucky and haven’t had any morning sickness:) (except for when I smell a cigarette or something gross then I gag) or even when I eat a bit too much but no vomiting thankfully!

  32. Jessica

    16 weeks today! I have had a few nausea spells lately but nothing like the first trimester. Dealing with constipation has been my worst symptom. Felt a couple baby movements but few and far between. Looking forward to the everyday all day movements 🙂

  33. Hersh

    I’m almost 15 weeks,first baby. I’m so excited and find it very hard not to be up in my lala land,my family finds it hilarious.
    I am on my feet all through the work day and this keeps me fit,although I am big size wise, my obstetrician tells me not to worry about my weight at this stage. this week I’ve had allot more body aches and pain…I thought I may have been starting to miscarry again, but everything appears to be ok. my obstetrician said this is quite normal being that my work is physically demanding he said its my ligaments stretching and doing what they need to adjust to my growing baby and best to rest it out as much as possible.
    The morning sickness has calmed down a lot.. I found snacking on different kinds of crackers helped and ginger-beer and crystallized ginger,but I did get tired of it. I found blackmores had a morning sickness formula which took the edge off the morning sickness and helped with the dislike of ginger taste

  34. Paulina

    I am almost 16 weeks pregnant with my seconf baby . Between 7 weeks and 14 weeks i lost 10 pounds. and till the day the only thing that i can keep down is pineapple canned in 100% juice. I had none of this with my first pregnancy.

  35. CS

    Hi Victoria,
    I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first and I have had no symptoms at all, no morning sickness, excess saliva and I didn’t have any bump until about 20 weeks and it’s still small now. My baby is going extremely well and is very healthy so I wouldn’t worry at all, just think yourself lucky that you don’t have any sickness and I’m sure ur midwife will confirm everything is great tomorrow 🙂

  36. Bridget S.

    I’m 13 weeks pregnant but found out we were having a girl at 12 weeks. I had a non-invasive blood test to check for chromosomal abnormalities. Consequently, it also tells you if your baby has an X or Y chromosome–letting you know what you’re having weeks before you were previously able to. I believe it was called a “Harmony test.” The most important thing is that our baby is healthy. Knowing she’s a girl is just icing on the cake. 🙂

  37. Stacey

    Hi, I am 15 weeks and randomly through up. I have found for nausea that slightly sparkling orange helps. Not fanta but oringina type drink.

  38. Julie

    @Q, the excess saliva is actually a symptom of your vomiting and nausea, not a cause. I was told the reason I salivate so much is because the acid in your stomach is trying to come up. Their not quite sure what causes it exactly, but its generally a lot worse in woman who have “severe morning sickness” then women who don’t! 🙂 hope this helps somehow!

  39. Q

    Hi Martin and Zoe,

    I’m fourteen weeks pregnant now with my first. It’s all new to us too, and since it doesn’t go as easy as ‘everyone promised’, it’s sometimes even quite scary.
    Morning (?) sickness hasn’t left the building here yet, either! It surprises me in the morning every other day or so, though I sometimes seem to be successful at fighting it. Most problems I have with being sick and violently throwing up (painful!!) are late afternoon or at night.
    Last week, nothing stayed in and I lost 2kg in only 3 days. Total weight loss of 5,5 now.
    We noticed this:
    You should be eating about 120/130 %. of your usual diet, but when I reach about 80/90% of that, I feel very nauseous and most of the time I’m not able to keep my food in all day.
    If I only eat about 60% of that, I succeed at keeping most of it in, most of the days. So no, I do not eat enough yet, and yes that worries me. But we figured it’s best if you keep ANYthing in by eating a bit less, than nothing in by eating the amount you should be eating!
    I feel somewhat better now, have lost losing weight, I keep more food in and I’m able to get some more sleep (instead of trying to fight nausea, throwing up or worrying about my weight loss)
    It also helps me to lie on my left side and eat anything that makes my mouth water (even if it’s only for a second ánd as long as it’s edible ;))
    Awkward: my saliva seems to play tricks on me by producing strange tastes, the structure ‘feels weird’ and foamy and it’s so much, all day… I try to spit that out (ieeuw) as much as I can, because keeping it in or swallowing it appears to be responsible for 70% of my nausea. I still think it’s one of the biggest reasons for my actual morning sickness, since I don’t eat anything during the night, but I DO produce so much saliva then. Yes, it took me quite some time to get over the awkwardness and find ‘decent tricks to spit it out in time’ without people seeing me, but it also seems to really help me!! Make sure you drink a lot of water, though, you don’t want to get dehydrated.

    Let me now of any of this works for you too! I’m still a bit worried it’s all crazy pregnant woman-thoughts 🙂

  40. Marina

    Ginger really helps from feeling sick- just buy a fresh ginger root and grind some in your tea or add to salads and meals. It’s tasty, full of vitamins and really helps with sickness

  41. Fallon Louise

    I am in my thrid trimester I’m 30 weeks today (first baby)and 2 nites ago I had a bout of pregnancy sickness and constant acid burning my throat aparantly this is normal for the thrid trimester I find rennie tablets help u can buy them over the counter and there totally safe in pregnancy they help loads they stop the acid so it stops me from being sick, anyway when I was 16 weeks I ate dry biscuits like diegestives with a glass of skimmed milk and that really helped, I hated being pregnant till I was 23weeks because I wasn’t showing and had no signs of a bump plus I didn’t feel her start to kick till then, I’m still only very small now and neat but I absolutely love being pregnant now, once u get past the sucky feeling u will enjoy it, I also advise everyone to have the 3d/4d scan done its amazing I had mine done at 26weeks the baby was awake the whole time and we could see her smiling, rubbing her eyes and sucking her thumb, we got a 20 minute DVD and 33 pictures it was well worth the money, I hope u all start to feel better soon and good luck with your pregnancy xx

  42. Victoria

    I’m 16 weeks on Saturday with my 2nd child. I have gone from having so many symptoms to having nothing apart from nose bleeds, my bump has even gone smaller and I just don’t feel pregnant. It’s worrying me. I will have to mention something to my midwife tomorrow my appointment even though I think I sound silly

  43. Shoua

    I’m in my second trimester and still dealing with the morning sickness but mine last all day long. iChat helps me get through the day is a box of mints! I just pop two mints in and it holds me down for a while. I like carry it with me every where I go. Hopefully this helps you guys too!

  44. Martin and Zoe

    We’re 16 weeks gone now (first baby) but my wife is still suffering morning sickness daily which were told does happen but its still getting in the way of enjoying this bit.
    The docs have said they could perscibe something but we would all rather avoid that option.
    Does anyone have any more tips for dealing with longer lasting morning sickness?