Born Before Arrival: What Should You Do?

A small number of babies each year (less than one percent) are “born before arrival.” For planned hospital births, this means the baby is born before arrival at the hospital. For home births, it means the baby arrives before the midwife. It is very unlikely that this will happen to you, but there’s no harm in being prepared just in …

Fiona PeacockBorn Before Arrival: What Should You Do?

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Adults are advised to drink six 8-ounce glasses of water each day, and during pregnancy this rises to eight 8-ounce glasses. This works out at around 2.5 litres of water every day. It may sound like a lot, but you should try to make sure you drink this much water each day throughout the pregnancy. Does it have to be …

Fiona PeacockStaying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Changing Friendships

Most people encounter changing friendship groups throughout their lives. You make and lose friends as you move schools, jobs and homes. You may also be noticing, however, that your friendships are changing now that you are pregnant. If you are the first to fall pregnant in your peer group, you may be feeling left out. As they continue going out …

Fiona PeacockPregnancy & Changing Friendships

Travel Tips for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the last time (at least for quite a while) you will have a chance to travel by yourself or just with your partner. Planning a trip mid-pregnancy can be a great way to celebrate the occasion of your impending parenthood. But it can also lead to questions about safe travel for the mom-to-be. If you do not have …

Team Health & ParentingTravel Tips for Pregnancy
Gas during Pregnancy

Trapped Gas During Pregnancy

Trapped gas is uncomfortable at the best of times, but this is especially true during pregnancy when space is already at a premium. Your digestive system slows down during pregnancy to allow your body to absorb as much nutrients as possible from your food, the downside to this is the gas. Trapped gas during pregnancy is a common complaint, and …

Fiona PeacockTrapped Gas During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Vitamins and Minerals

Pregnancy is a complex time in a woman’s life. Since the baby is counting on the mother for the nutrients needed to grow, the expecting mother needs to eat well and make healthy choices in order to feel good, have energy, and support a healthy pregnancy. Supplements, however, can also be beneficial. A woman with child should only take supplements …

Team Health & ParentingPregnancy Vitamins and Minerals
exercise safely

Pregnancy Exercises to Prepare for Labour

First-time mothers may be thrilled and nervous at the same when their expected date of delivery is fast approaching. Most of them are anxious about what might happen during. And, it would help to know what changes your body will undergo during this time and what you can do to prepare for it. All types of pregnancy exercises are good …

Team Health & ParentingPregnancy Exercises to Prepare for Labour