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Pre-Eclampsia: What to watch for

Pre-eclampsia affects as many as 10 per cent of pregnancies. It is a serious condition that can affect both mother and baby. Pre-eclampsia can reduce blood flow to the placenta. If your baby does not receive enough nutrients and oxygen through the placenta, growth may be restricted. Pre-eclampsia usually occurs during the later half of the pregnancy. Women are most …

Fiona PeacockPre-Eclampsia: What to watch for
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When Will I Feel my Baby Kick for the First Time?

Many pregnant women wonder when they will feel their baby kick for the first time. Your baby starts moving around inside you, during the first trimester. At around week eight, your baby will start to bend and startle. You probably won’t be able to feel anything for quite some time though. Remember, at this stage, your baby is very small. …

Fiona PeacockWhen Will I Feel my Baby Kick for the First Time?
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Bond With Your Bump

Pregnancy can be a daunting time. You have so much left to organise, you are on a hormonal roller coaster, and you’re probably exhausted. On top of all that, you may be a bit scared of meeting your new baby. Many mums worry that they won’t feel an instant bond with their baby. There’s no need to wait until after …

Fiona PeacockBond With Your Bump
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Bleeding While Pregnant

Bleeding while pregnant may be a sign something is wrong, and you should therefore always inform your doctor about this as soon as you can. While you have every right to be worried, bleeding does not always mean you are having a miscarriage. According to experts, 20 to 30 percent of women experience bleeding while pregnant and only one half …

Team Health & ParentingBleeding While Pregnant

Round Ligament Pain: The Facts

What causes round ligament pain? Some women experience aching in the lower tummy during pregnancy. This aching is completely normal and is caused by your expanding uterus. Pregnancy hormones cause your muscles and ligaments to become more flexible. This allows them to continue supporting your uterus as it balloons in size. The round ligament holds your uterus in place, and …

Fiona PeacockRound Ligament Pain: The Facts
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Dads Should Enjoy Pregnancy Too

For the duration of the pregnancy, as a partner you might feel a bit left out of things. You played a crucial role in the conception, but now there’s very little for you to do until the baby arrives. You might feel sidelined as your partner’s bump grows and her body changes to accommodate the growing life inside her. It’s …

Fiona PeacockDads Should Enjoy Pregnancy Too