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Pregnancy Nausea

Five Tips to Reduce Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy nausea is a much more appropriate name than the more commonly used ‘morning sickness’ which unwittingly implies you’ll feel better after lunch. If you’re suffering from pregnancy nausea, you’re probably already aware that it can strike at any hour of the day. The word sickness is misleading too, because not all women vomit, some experience nausea without vomiting. Whatever …

Fiona PeacockFive Tips to Reduce Pregnancy Nausea
5 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

5 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

Sometime during your pregnancy you will start the search for the perfect car seat for your baby. Today, hospitals won’t allow you to leave without one. The hard part is that there are so many choices, that fit so many different budgets, that it can be a difficult decision to make. Do you need the one with the drink holder, …

Team Health & Parenting5 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

Returning Home From the Hospital

When you last left your house, you were a heavily pregnant woman, possibly in the throes of labour. Now you are about to walk into your house as a new mother, and introduce your newborn baby to his or her first home. The significance of this moment would be enough to have you in tears even without the post-partum hormonal …

Fiona PeacockReturning Home From the Hospital
Winter Born Babies

2 Common Health Risks of Winter Born Babies

Oh baby, it’s cold outside! For many expectant moms who are due in the winter, there is a hint of worry and anxiety about the risks associated with having a baby in the cold months. The reality is that there are many more viruses and bacterial infections floating around in the winter months, such as the seasonal flu and the common …

Team Health & Parenting2 Common Health Risks of Winter Born Babies
Pregnancy Depression

Pregnancy and Depression

You’ve had a rough first trimester. Just when everyone told you things would get better, you find yourself down in the dumps, extremely tired, and feeling like an emotional train wreck. You wonder if it is the hormones. You worry that right now, when you should be feeling elated and happy, your feelings of depression are a sign that something …

Team Health & ParentingPregnancy and Depression

Tips for Dealing with Stretch Marks

Many women are upset to realize in the third trimester of pregnancy that they have stretch marks many places on their bodies. Some women get one or two, while others get multiple stretch marks on their abdomens, legs, back, buttocks, and breasts. Its true as your skin stretches while you are pregnant, stretch marks may occur. Experts believe that your …

Team Health & ParentingTips for Dealing with Stretch Marks
Two Parents with Two Opinions

Two Parents with Two Opinions

You’re pregnant, yay!  You and your spouse couldn’t be more excited. But suddenly as the conversations have shifted to child rearing and future plans, you realize that the two of you don’t see things quite the same. For instance, while your husband is already talking about your son becoming a linebacker, you are dreaming of raising a son that is everything …

Team Health & ParentingTwo Parents with Two Opinions

Five Ways to Nurture Your Relationship During Pregnancy

With all the changes going on, both physically and mentally, it’s little wonder your relationship is feeling a little neglected. As you prepare to welcome your child into the world, and adjust to seeing your partner as a parent, you may find that the romance is suffering. So, how can you nurture your relationship during pregnancy? 1. Invest in some …

Fiona PeacockFive Ways to Nurture Your Relationship During Pregnancy