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Preparing for Life with a Baby

You’ve installed the car seat, and assembled the crib, changing table, swing, stroller, and more. You have washed all of the onesies and sleepers, and have stocked up on diapers. Now what? What else can you do to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Try this exercise: Draw a circle on a sheet of paper and divide it into 24 slices. …

MichellePreparing for Life with a Baby
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Twins: Identical or Fraternal?

Congratulations! You are pregnant with twins. Chances are your happy news is quickly met with the question about whether or not your twins are identical or fraternal? And what is the difference? Can doctors know before you give birth whether you have identical or fraternal twins? Basically identical twins develop from ONE fertilized EGG that splits in two. Identical twins …

Team Health & ParentingTwins: Identical or Fraternal?

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

At each prenatal appointment, your healthcare provider will take your blood pressure to check that it is in the ‘normal’ range. High blood pressure means that your body is working harder than than it should be to pump blood around your body. High blood pressure during pregnancy affects less than one in five women. High blood pressure during pregnancy is …

Fiona PeacockHigh Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
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7 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

“Have you thought of any names yet?” If you’re pregnant, you must have answered that question at least two thousand times already. For those of you who have chosen a name, this question gives you an excuse to show off the wonderful name you cooked up, or smugly keep the chosen name secret. If, however, you haven’t thought of a …

Fiona Peacock7 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

Pelvic Tilt Exercises for Pregnancy

Pelvic tilt exercises are great for relieving and preventing back and pelvis aches during pregnancy. Pelvic tilt exercises can also be used to strengthen abdominal muscles, and relieve lumbar discomfort. There are various ways to perform a pelvic tilt, and you can either vary between the exercises, or stick to the one you find most comfortable. Pelvic tilts are a …

Fiona PeacockPelvic Tilt Exercises for Pregnancy

Induction: What to Expect

The majority of labours begin naturally, but some women are given a helping hand in kick-starting labour. There are a few different methods of induction, and procedures vary between hospitals. Speak to your healthcare provider to find out more about induction procedures in your area. Why might induction be necessary? This will vary between hospitals, between healthcare providers, and even …

Fiona PeacockInduction: What to Expect

Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Varicose veins are swollen veins. They are usually a dark blue or purple in colour, and may appear lumpy. They are most commonly found in the legs, although can appear elsewhere on the body. What causes varicose veins? Veins have small valves inside, that prevent blood from flowing backwards, and ensure that the blood flows towards the heart. If these …

Fiona PeacockVaricose Veins During Pregnancy