Common Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Your waistline isn’t the only thing to grow during pregnancy, you may find that your bra size increases too. During pregnancy, your breasts are going through changes to prepare them for breastfeeding, so you may notice a number of changes occur, including:

Increased cup size
As early as week six, you may notice your breasts getting bigger. By the end of the pregnancy, you are likely to be at least a cup size bigger than you were before the pregnancy. Your breasts will continue to grow throughout the pregnancy, and you are likely to need to buy a number of new bras in this time.

Stretch marks
As your breasts increase in size, you may notice stretch marks appearing on the skin. Though there are plenty of products available all claiming to reduce stretch marks, there is little scientific evidence to back up these claims. While the stretch marks may be dark at first, rest assured that they will fade and become less noticeable over time.

Breast tenderness
Sore breasts is a common complaint of pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Hormonal changes cause breast tenderness, and even accidental brushes can be painful during the early weeks of pregnancy. Many women find that the discomfort eases in the second trimester, but until then:

  • wear a supportive and well-fitting maternity bra
  • wear a cotton bra to bed
  • be extra careful to avoid knocking your breasts

Nipple changes
The areolas darken and become larger during pregnancy. Small bumps begin to appear on the areola. These bumps are known as Montgomery’s tubercles, and secrete oil to help protect the nipple from bacteria.

Many women report that their veins become more noticeable during pregnancy, and this is true for the veins on the breasts too. Increased blood flow is responsible for this change, and the veins will become less noticeable once you stop breastfeeding (or after the birth, if you do not breastfeed).

Milk production
Some women lactate during pregnancy. Your breasts are able to produce milk during the second trimester. At this stage, your breasts will produce colostrum and you may notice occasional leakage from your nipples. If the colostrum leaks through to your clothes, you may find it useful to wear breast pads.

The good news is that these common breast changes during pregnancy signal everything is going right – your body is preparing to continue nourishing your baby after birth.

Have you noticed any breast changes during pregnancy? Were breast changes the giveaway that you were expecting a child?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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Fiona PeacockCommon Breast Changes During Pregnancy

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  3. Ashley

    I’m 7 weeks tomorrow. Breasts have been sore for a couple weeks but last Thursday…wow! I woke up with them throbbing. Nipples are larger and more erect which is so weird! Aereolas appear larger but maybe it’s my mind playing tricks. I have been getting waves or morning sickNess but today it was on and off for 7 hours while at work. Stopped once noon hit. I never thought I would get relief. Hoping I don’t have any tomorrow!

  4. Lihle kheswa

    I think m 15 weeks pregnant now for the 1st time,but I never had any symptoms not even sore breasts and tenderness m still the same….is there any danger in that?

  5. Lihle kheswa

    I think m 15 weeks pregnant now but I never had any symptoms even sore breasts and tenderness m still the same….is there any danger in that?

  6. Sheryl

    My boobs were sore from week 2, im now 10wks.
    My boobs are still very tender and sensitive.
    I love it when mu boyfriends rubs oil into my boobs and pinch my nipples, its a nice pain :))

  7. Maria Ysabel

    I’m almost 7 weeks , my breast are sore . I don’t have morning sickness but I caught a cold and it doesn’t want to go away, bad cough and body pain , I craved food all the time ,but when it’s time to eat no appetite πŸ˜‘, first baby , we are so excited!! My belly is already growing!!!

  8. Dell

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant.. Books are sore at random times.. Especially when I’m at work.. Don’t really get nauseous BUT I do pee and poop a lot.. Lol.. I don’t know if that’s common but my hubby and I are first time parents to our own child (We have 5 whangai kids who we’ve adopted) so we’re super excited.. Although the dating scan was a bit odd lol.. We’re yet to see our baby on the monitor..

  9. Shauniquea

    I am 6w n 6d today. Sore breast from week four and getting bigger already z When I get hungry if its too long even 5 minutes I feel like am dying but when I get the food no appetite. Feeling nausea right through the day it is decreasing though. No sex drive hate being touched. First baby and my husband and I are super excited.

  10. Maria

    Hi I’m a first time mommy and I am 7weeks pregnant and my boobs are sore and I get nausea sometimes and I am excited to be a first time mommy

  11. Monique

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant I started having breast tenderness at around 3 weeks and also had a lil milk (yellowish) just a few drops. Which made me suspect I was prego we’ve been TTC for over 6 years now and finally were expecting edd 8-3-17. So blessed and grateful I’m gonna be a mommy again and my husband a first time Daddy πŸ™‚ good luck with Ur pregnancy lady’s

  12. Bridgett

    Almost 7 weeks pregnant and let me tell you I’ve got it all. Horrible mood swings, exhausted all the time, and my boobs are so sore I’m afraid if someone looks at them it’ll hurt lol. I started at a small C almost a D now. Found my first stretch mark today on my boobs. I feel my tummy getting bigger, the bloat is horrible, and I’m always hungry. They morning sickness has calmed down A lot this past week. I’m so excited I’m pregnant, I look forward too every thing I’m gonna experience.

  13. Lindsey

    6 weeks 6 days pregnant. Always craving food but when it’s time to eat it I don’t have the appetite to eat it. Boobs pulsate and very veiny. Super nauseous during the whole day. Going outside for fresh air helps. Happy I’m pregnant but not happy with all these changes im going through. I always feel sick.

  14. Mawa

    6w6d today super sore breasts, I found out on week 4, week 5 they started itching like crazy I went out and bought every oil and cream available and started moisturising morning and night. That helped. I no longer feel hunger, just nausea which goes away when I eat. I am excited though, so many changes!

  15. Sabrina

    I’m nearly 7 weeks . My boobs haven’t grown much but they are tender though and more veiny than usual . I haven’t been sick yet but every so often I’m feeling sick . But I find cut up fresh ginger in hot water with little honey really helps the sickness feeling πŸ™‚

  16. Erin

    6 weeks, 6 days; pregnant for the first time. My breasts have been horribly sore since before I realized I was pregnant. It’s really the only symptom I’ve had. I feel a bit nauseous when I’ve gone too long without eating but it passes quickly. I’m very excited!

  17. Sophia

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I started noticing the bumps on the dark part of my breasts. Now I just read that it’s totally normal, and I’m relieved.

  18. Dee

    I am 7 weeks pregnant today and have gone from a b cup to a d cup in the last 2 weeks, have already spent so much money on new bras yet I’ve got so long to go πŸ˜‘. Also find the male attention from having bigger boobs really annoying although of course I’m happy that the boyfriend love the new boobies πŸ˜‹

  19. Meg M

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days, my breasts are so painful and I know they say to wear a bra but I can’t face it unless I have to go out πŸ˜…

  20. Middy

    Middy ;-;
    I’m 6 weeks and six days today, gonna be 7 weeks tomorrow. First baby I had a miscarriage.. I’m getting sickness so badly.. and my breasts are so sore.. even a nudge hurts.

  21. Bou

    I’m 6 weeks 6 days today. I had my first meeting with my morning sickness straight after breakfast which was a surprise.
    My boobs used to hurt even walking down the stairs but it’s calmed quite a lot this last week and it’s just my nipples now that hurt. I’m always hungry and feel I have to eat at 100mph. I can never get enough sleep and the end of the day the bloat I get is ridiculous!

  22. Lianne

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I have had tender boobs since around week 2! I too thought it our friend, “Aunt Flow”. My boobs are fuller as oppose to larger at this stage and sleep is hit-and-miss unfortunately. I am a bit cranky and have totally gone off sugar! Good luck ladies! xXx

  23. Awa sillah

    I am 6 weeks and 6days… I had a scan when I was 5weeks n 6days that I was pregnant….no symptom at all…just have to go to the bathroom a lot… No morning sickness… Boobs were sore on 5 weeks of my pregnancy n gone

  24. Hannah O

    My breasts were what made me think I was pregnant. They had been hurting for 2 weeks and grew quite a bit! My breasts have grew from a 36D to 38DD within 2 weeks.
    They started hurting within 1 week of conception. I am 7 weeks now and they’re still so sore.

  25. Sarah

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days and not noticed any changes to my breasts yet. Had exhaustion last week but this morning have woken up at 6:30am as I used to. And not as tired the last couple of days. Went for a run yesterday which certainly did help. Other than slight sensation at the back of my throat and swallowing regularly no other symptoms.

  26. Chelsea

    I am almost 7 weeks. Breast soreness started at week 2 before I even knew I was pregnant and has continued. They hurt most when I play tennis and they get jostled around. I feel nauseated often and am having trouble with acid reflux already. At this point I have not actually vomitted. When I don’t feel well I just remind myself these are normal signs of a healthy , changing body. Bananas and ginger tea help me. I have to eat this shortly before bed to calm the nausea/reflux.

  27. Anne

    Im just 1 months pregnant now but my 2nd week of the month that im still waiting to my period i had sore sinsitive nipple already. Im scared i had 2 masccarage laready now its made me stress everytime i got pee im scared to see a blood on my panty

  28. Shayla

    My breast normally hurt when it is close time for my cycle. So I didn’t pay it any attention up until I started spotting. That’s when I decided to take a home test. Now my breastfeeding have been hurting for about 3 weeks now. But I while in the shower they seem to not be so tender. But after awhile from being out of the shower they start hurting again.

  29. Samantha D

    My breasts were sore and i suspected i was pregnant … And boy was i right! I am 6weeks 6 days and my breasts are heavier and fuller. Actually fill out my 32B cup from VS. Hahaa

  30. Miewx

    I’m 6weeks and 6 days and have had sore breasts for 2 weeks. The smallest touch hurts. I found out i was pregnant when i was barely 5 weeks pregnant because i didn’t have my period.

  31. Lisa

    I’m 7 weeks tomorrow and boobs have been feeling sore and for about 3/4 weeks – just waiting for them to start getting bigger now! Have also got constant nausea but thankfully no vomitting yet!

  32. Morgan

    My normally small breasts have doubled in size and are so tender. My breast changes were definitely an early indication of my pregnancy

  33. Jaimie fowler

    I’m 6weeks and 6days along. I’m so sick to my stomach all the time and can barley eat. I have horrible headaches and so tired that I stay in bed all day. Is there anything I should be doing that can help with this??

  34. CM

    Freaked me out when I saw my blue boobs! I’m 6 weeks and getting chronic leg cramps at night and insomnia πŸ™

  35. Krystal

    I’m currently 6w6d pregnant found out when I was 5 weeks thought I was getting my period because my boobs were so sore and hurt but turns out Im expecting boobs still hurt get nausea but no vomiting thank God
    Good luck ladies

  36. Lynn

    According to the first day of my LMP, I am 6w6d today. This is my 4th pregnancy, and this the first definite sign that I am pregnant. As soon as my breast become sore, I know to take a pregnancy test and it always come back positive. Today I am looking fuller and they’re feeling heavier but usually my breasts don’t get bigger until the 7th month and then I lose them right after I deliver. It’s a little different this time around. “Every pregnancy is different!” Good luck to all the soon to be mommys and God bless.

  37. Kirsten

    I was a FF cup to begin with, and almost 7 weeks into my firmest pregnancy they are already totally out of control! Just been to M&S and bought the biggest maternity bra they had, and it’s snug. If anyone knows where to buy affordable large cup maternity bras please do let me know as I can’t afford to keep forking out Β£30+ per bra just to outgrow them in a few weeks.

  38. Mindy

    I am six weeks and 2 days. Breasts are a little tender but very big and voluptuous. Im already a healthy eater so just sticking to it. I’ve gone off sugar when before i was a total feind but that’s good. I only feel very mild dizziness and sickness on occasion. I think im lucky. Im a frequent exerciser so also sticking to that but listening to the warning in my body to slow down as my heart rate goes a little mentle if i work really hard. Loving this. πŸ˜†

  39. Mary

    I’m 6 weeks an 6 days today my boobs are sore as heck my areoles are soooo giant an I see a big change I’m always happy an eating healthy but from time to time I find myself angry for nothing an laugh at myself this is my first child I’m 32yrs old and scared of the labor an contractions and kicking lol

  40. cindy

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days today, my nipples are absolutely killing me my boobs are bigger and fuller. I have constant nausea which makes it difficult to eat. I’m exhausted to the point where I physically cannot get out of bed all day. I also have chronic headaches. Yay for me ! This is also my 5th pregnancy and totally different from the others . This is also an ivf baby πŸ™‚

  41. Kas

    Hi I’m 6 weeks and 6days pregnant!
    My boobs are a DD! And I’m slowly growing bigger. They feel so full and just wonderful! My husband loves them as more than i do. We’ve been trying for 2 years. I havent experienced morning sickness except when i dont eat anything in the morning.

  42. Ashleigh

    7 weeks tomorrow! I’m already an E cup and I’m beginning to spill out of that. Dread to think how big they’ll go. They are so tender I can barely find a comfortable position. Boooo!

  43. Laura

    I am 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant. The nausea comes in waves and is definitely worse in the mornings when i havent eaten for a while. During the day I’m trying to eat little and often which really does help. My nipped are really sore but on the up side, my nails look and feel fantastic..!!

  44. Johanna

    hi ladies, expecting my 5th after 15 yrs, I’m 6w4d pregnant ATM and edd is 28th of May …
    Sore breasts alerted me to the fact I may be expecting so a test was done and it came back positive, normally a c cup they are heading towards a d cup.

    Keeping the skin moisturised with cocoa butter, to keep the stretch marks at bay further down the track😊

  45. Dina

    Hi I am 6w5d. My breast changing were the 1st signal that I was pregnant. They look beautiful, full, bigger, and very sensitive to my boyfriend touch πŸ™‚
    I am one of those luck woman that is not expierence any nauseas.

  46. Cassie

    im 6 weeks and 6 days and my breasts feel sore and I think they have grown slightly which is great because I’m a b cup 😊 morning sickness feels more like all the time sickness but im not being sick just feel it which in turn puts me off the thought of food πŸ™ˆ weird feeling but just going with the motions πŸ‘

  47. Susie

    Having small boobs, this is my favourite symptom of pregnancy. I was a small b cup now at week 6,6 days I am definitely a large b cup πŸ™‚ I keep telling them to keep growing haha

  48. holly

    I am 6 wks 6 days today edd may 3rd the first symptom i had was sore boobs and they get sorer and bigger as each day passes, been so long since my last pregnancy i had almost forgotten what this was like.

  49. Elisabeth

    I’m 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant and my breasts have been swollen and painful since one week before my missed period! I haven’t experienced any nausea or vomiting though for which I’m feeling extremely blessed!

  50. Megan

    Going on week 7 & my boobs hurt like all get out! Speed bumps & even pot holes! No morning sickness yet but I’ll take tender boobs over morning sickness any day!

  51. Samantha

    I am 7 weeks tomorrow and my breasts are ver sore, especially at night. They are also much bigger and feel heavy. Im not being sick yet but I am feeling it morning and night. Plus I can’t sleep a full night without having to get out of bed for the toilet like 3-4 times 😣😣 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the joys of pregnancy πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  52. Jessica

    I’m only 7 weeks and My nipples are so sore and always hard. Gets embarrassing when they poke through my tops lol I’ve had no vomiting but I feel sick all the time comes in waves throughout the day and finding it hard to eat. Currently living on soup and yogurts lol

  53. sharee

    I am 6 weeks pregnant and my breast haven’t gotten any bigger but they hurt really bad! Haven’t been throwing up but have been nauseated. Hopefully it gets better

  54. Dhini De'Lotta

    My self feels lot,tonite insomnia and my pregnant was 7 weeks. My breast was so pain when touched also the nipples make me scream lot during mu husband touching hahahah But I enjoy this moment our first baby. Wish eberything become normal soon. Good luck for everyone being mother.

  55. Michelle

    Hi ladies,

    I will be 7 weeks on Friday.. I have the sorest breasts, started out just the left at about 3 weeks pregnant and now the right has caught up! They are that painful it makes me nauseous… And as for this morning sickness, I think it should be renamed to all day sickness!! Let’s hope the vomiting stops by the 2nd trimester ☺️

  56. Lotte

    We found out we where expecting 3 weeks ago. My breast have changed dramatically. The’ve grown almost a half size and they hurt!!
    Can’t sleep properly. I hope it will be better in the second trimester like you’ve said, wish me luck πŸ™‚

  57. Britt

    My breasts have grown 1/2 an inch and I am 7 weeks. During the 3rd week my nipples were incredibly sensitive and sore. Nothing hurts now :))

  58. Durrah

    Breast tenderness starts when i was expecting my period. My husband noticed they’re bigger and then we suspect that im expecting.

  59. Kiera

    my breasts usually get sore before my period but this time they were really bad, and my nipples hurt so much which had never been the case before. They also swelled a lot so they looked really big but that as gone down some. I was suspicious of being pregnant and I was right!

  60. amber

    How sore my breast were is what made me think i was pregnant my boobs get sore right before my period but this yine they were so much worse…last night my boyfriend made a statement tht my veins in my breast were very visible