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Dads Should Enjoy Pregnancy Too

For the duration of the pregnancy, as a partner you might feel a bit left out of things. You played a crucial role in the conception, but now there’s very little for you to do until the baby arrives. You might feel sidelined as your partner’s bump grows and her body changes to accommodate the growing life inside her. It’s important to remember that dads should enjoy pregnancy too.

While she feels every kick or hiccup, you may be unaware they happen most of the time. Mum-to-be has a constant, huge reminder of the pregnancy, but you may find yourself momentarily forgetting throughout the day. It’s easy to start to feel a little left out and uninvolved with the pregnancy. You may feel there’s little for you to do, but you’re wrong. Here are some easy ways you can play a vital role in the pregnancy:

  1. Be there for her – your partner might be the one carrying the physical weight, but it’s easy to leave her carrying the emotional weight too. She’s on a hormonal roller coaster and may be suffering from extreme emotions. Be there to support her throughout the emotional ups and downs. Make sure she knows she can rely on you.
  2. Ease the pain – pregnancy causes a lot of aches and pains. From foot rubs, to back massages, there are plenty of ways you can help to ease the pain of pregnancy. Small gestures like running a bubble bath, or offering to take care of the weekly shop, can also help to take the burden off your partner.
  3. Always be prepared – while you can’t help grow the baby, you can prepare your home for the new arrival. You have a nursery to decorate, and you’ll want to finish any last minute DIY jobs around the house before the baby arrives. Finishing odd jobs, and putting up the cot, are great ways to get involved in the nesting period before the birth.
  4. Back to school – accompany your partner to antenatal classes. In past decades, men had little to do with pregnancy and birth. Birth often happened behind closed doors, while men passed round cigars. These days, you’re likely to play an active role in the birth. You’ll get to witness the amazing event of a life being brought into the world, so make sure you’re clued up and useful in the birthing room. Antenatal classes will give you the information and confidence you need to support your partner through the birth.
  5. Keep talking – communication is key to a healthy relationship. Pregnancy can be a scary time. Neither of you are that sure what to expect, and you are both probably apprehensive of the future. Your partner might be worrying about the birth itself, and whether she’ll struggle breastfeeding. You might be worrying about financially supporting your new family, or whether you’ll be a natural father. All of these thoughts are completely normal. Make sure you talk through all of your concerns together, this will strengthen your relationship and allow you to prepare for parenthood as a team.
  6. Bump bonding – you might not be getting kicked in the bladder at 3am, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on bonding in utero. Newborn babies recognise familiar voices from the womb. Talk to the bump to familiarise the baby with your tones.
  7. Take care of yourself – with a heavily pregnant, hormonal mum-to-be, and a to do list the size of the M1, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. If you’re exhausted and stressed, you’re unlikely to be much use to anyone, so make sure you take some you-time. Give yourself time to unwind and relax, so that your batteries can recharge.

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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Fiona PeacockDads Should Enjoy Pregnancy Too

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  1. stella

    I’m 24weeks husband bound with our big boy every day,telling him how papa,mama and our stepson loves him.he oactually heard his papa`s voice and it awesome when he kick OMG it wonderful being pregnant and is our first child after 9years of ttc.may God be praised

  2. Lewis

    My partner is 23 weeks 5 days pregnant with our little girl
    Like any father to be I have my worry’s will I be a good dad will I be able to support our family but as soon as I put my hand on her belly and feel my little girl kick all those worries just disappear
    It’s the most amazing thing in the world

  3. alysa

    My daddy baby loves talking to baby and being here for us but one thing that makes me so mad his friends doesnt have children…….so they call him everytime and im already 40weeks now its our time to bond with baby but naaah his just with his friends hopefully ill see him tomorrow if hw recovers from the weekend…….

  4. Brian

    My partner is nearly 24 weeks I myself am deaf but my partner is hearing I love my time with our little baby bump feeling her movements whilst I’m holding to two most precious to me is amazingly beautiful I cannot wait to meet my baby girl and I’m so blessed that I have the most wonderful woman to share this experience with

  5. Lizzy

    I read these to my husband and he’s going to love seeing that he is allowed some self care as well. My husband talks to the baby about every other day. It’s sweet. He even called to have daddy time when I was out of town for a week. I try to cook his favorite meals and give him intimacy when I can. Through it all, we argue often about money and have started watching our tone since we know he can hear us.

  6. Ava

    My husband bonded with our baby pretty early. He said he loves her even though not born yet <3

  7. Nthabi

    I so wish my baby daddy was interested in bonding and showing support but he doesn’t, he actually decided to break up with me the moment I told him about the pregnancy and I tried my best to make things work between us for the baby’s sake but he rejected me so I’m literally on my own and I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms. Trough it all I enjoy feeling the soft kicks and movements and I love my baby so much I didn’t go for abortion because pregnancy is a blessing and not all women can conceive therefore we should be grateful to God. I bond with my baby every chance I get and I’m loving it

  8. Dee

    Honestly my husband feels so much more involved and close to baby since last week ornso (week 22 – 23) where he set about half an hr to one hr (even longer when he felll asleep on my belly) with his head on my belly, feeling bubs move, talking to her (was awkward at first, now he does it as if bubs is in his arms) and so he now has “daddy bubby time” each night – for as little or as long as he likes.. Bubba even responds so so well to his voice and touch now, they have been known to snuggle together abd fall asleep.. Bubba even wiggles around to find hubby when he has small daddy / bubby time and bubby is wanting more cuddles.. I may sound crazy saying this but honestly i know its true, best thing hubby could have ever started doing for himself and bubba!!

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