When to Splurge on Maternity Clothes

If you’re preoccupied with baby budgeting, you may not be in the mood for a mammoth shopping expedition. Whether you’re saving for that top of the range pram, or trying to minimise your spending, you may be trying to pick up maternity clothes at bargain prices.

There are some items, though, that you should splurge on, if you can afford to. These include:

  • Maternity bras – if there is one time in your life when your breasts need good support, it’s now. Your breasts will grow during the pregnancy, and again after the birth if you decide to breastfeed. They may feel sore, itchy and tender, so they deserve a bit of TLC. Head down to your local department store, or invite a maternity bra specialist to your house, for a fitting. You will probably need to be fitted twice during pregnancy, once when you first outgrow your pre-pregnancy bras, and again around week 36 if you are planning to breastfeed. If you value comfort, it’s worth splurging on this necessary purchase. You can save a bit of money by choosing nursing/maternity bras which will be useful after the birth too.
  • Occasion wear – whether it’s a wedding, charity ball or birthday party, if you’ve been invited to a special occasion, you deserve a splurge. You’re already going to be the sober one, and will probably spend most of the evening answering the same five questions about your pregnancy. So, if you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your body, invest in an outfit that makes you feel your best. There are lots of flattering dresses, expertly tailored suits, and cute skirts available in the maternity section, so shop around until you find something you love.
  • Shoes – some women find that their feet grow during pregnancy. You may find yourself needing a bigger size of shoe. Comfort is paramount during pregnancy, so if your shoes are feeling tight, buy some new ones. Some pregnant women suffer from swollen feet and ankles by the end of the day, and properly-fitting shoes could be all you need to reduce this pregnancy symptom.
  • Coat – if you’re pregnant over the winter months, you will want to invest in a warm maternity coat. By the end of the pregnancy, your pre-pregnancy coat probably won’t stretch over your bump, meaning you’ll be left vulnerable to the cold. Invest in a good quality, warm winter coat, and make sure there’s room to grow into it.
  • Pyjamas – ok, you could just make do with an oversized t-shirt, but there are some really cute maternity pyjamas out there and you deserve a treat. After all the sickness, and the fatigue, and the stretch marks, and the barely getting any sleep because you always need a wee, you deserve some comfy pyjamas.

Remember, any clothes you buy can be saved for later pregnancies or sold after the birth, so you can (sort of) argue they’re an investment for the future.

What is your favorite maternity clothing splurge?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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Fiona PeacockWhen to Splurge on Maternity Clothes

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  2. Ellie

    I am 15 weeks and 5 days, am 5’10, born and raised in the Netherlands but now live as an expat in the Philippines. With my hight it is impossible so far to find long pants here, let alone long maternity pants. But luckily I didnt grow that much yet and still fitting my regular clothes. Unfortunately online shopping is not really an option due to bad internet connection+shipping anything to the philippines takes forever. The maternity clothes I found so far here are not as trendy as back home but I guess I have to work with them. Didn’t find an h&m here that sells maternity clothes so far… maybe that would be an option since I have seen some posts here about h&m maternity clothes. Anyway, no complaints from my side; I love being pregnant, I feel very good and have hardly any ‘side effects’ so if my only challenge is finding nice maternity clothes I still am blessed😍

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  4. Emma

    I am 15 weeks and 5 days and this is my third pregnancy. Maternity clothes were horrible when I had my other children (now 17 and 10) so maternity clothes shopping wasn’t something I have been looking forward to. I have also been really lucky that I am still fitting into all my own clothes, which I’ve gratefully accepted. However, I did go into New Look at snapped up some bits in the sale for early summer…. I got a couple of cute little tops and a dress, all under a fiver each. Very pleased with my purchases!

  5. Babette

    For my first pregnancy I didn’t buy much maternity clothes and tbh I felt terrible. 10 years ago maternity fashion was also not what it was today! So for this pregnancy I am
    ‘Splurging’. I have found ASOS online wonderful! They have a huge range at decent prices with a great return policy. I am so glad I was introduced to it

  6. Kellylouise

    Charity shops have been brilliant for me. Cheap & cheerful & in styles I like, just a couple of sizes bigger & nothing with a zip, but I do think it’s time to invest in a decent pair of maternity jeans. I’m 15 wks 5 days, & fitted in my cloths fine until about 12 wks

  7. Jhen

    I splurged on jeans. One our cost over $200 but they make me feel amazing in them. I would buy them again. They will be my staple during this pregnancy. Funny how before pregnancy I wore tights mostly. Have hardly worn them since getting pregnant.

  8. Olivia K

    H&M maternity legging only £7 a pair are my saviour and oversized tops. They are perfect for my little bump at 16 weeks and will stretch to my bigger bump later on 🙂

  9. Oksannitta

    I bought two amazing swimming suits for pregnant with a lovely design that covers my growing bump and hips… Hope to look gorgeous at the beach this summer:-)))

  10. Alisha

    I’m 15 weeks and 5 days. I finally broke down and bought some clothes from Ross. I was doing the rubber band trick for my work pants for the last 3 weeks and it would no longer work haha I ended up with a huge bag full of clothes from there and only spent $140. It was well worth the money the clothes are super cute and like I said I got a ton of clothes for a low price😁😁

  11. mel

    At 12 weeks I couldn’t comfortably wear my work jeans anymore and as it involves a lot of bending and moving I had to get some maternity ones. I got 2 pairs, 7 weeks on the more expensive ones from h&m are showing elastic bits along the seam 🙁 cant seem to find any bargains online apart from nursing bras on amazon; 3 for £9.99 (ilovesia) – so comfy💜

  12. Jena

    I’m 15.5 weeks, the best items I’ve bought so far are over the bump maternity leggings in various colours. Very cheap from eBay and bnwt and by accident two nighties (supposed to be tops but drowned me), I haven’t been lucky enough to find a comfortable bra and have already gone up a few sizes

  13. Kate

    I managed to buy some maternity jeans and tops on eBay. I got some great branded items for as little as 99p. The only things I’ve got new so far are the bras and pants….but I dnt see the point in splurging if u can pick up else wher for next to nothing. It’s not like u will need it very long. In all for around £30 I have 5 pairs of jeans, 3 jumpers, 2 smart work tops and 2 t-shirts. BARGAIN!

  14. Ellie

    I’m 16 weeks and so far been living in leggings/maternity leggings as hoping to get back into my jeans after birth! Missing them terribly. I’ve found that most maternity tops are ugly or plain even from fashion brands like newlook etc so have been buying a size up in regular clothes also or sticking to swing tops and oversized jumpers so I can get away with them next year as winter cosies!

  15. Erika

    Motherhood maternity jeans are the best!! They always have sales and the jeans are super stretchy! I bought a skinny pair and regular boot cut. Now I have to find maternity slacks for work :/

  16. Rach

    I have had to buy leggings and jeans, thankfully it’s December, so I am planning to hold out for the sales!

  17. Laura

    I’m 15 weeks and just invested in maternity jeans, I live in skinny jeans and couldn’t cope without a pair that fitted any longer ! £40 in topshop which are my style as I’m a young mum to be but are expensive ! I also have a pair from h&m which were £25 and fit just as nice and are still stylish ! I personally have really struggled with findings maternity clothes that are still stylish and fashionable so Iv just bought things in my normal stores a size bigger which has really worked for me

  18. Lisa

    I’m at that horrible in between stage. My clothes are too small and most maternity clothes are huge. Went to John Lewis this weekend and they have great maternity bras for £16 that are actually pretty! Also fantastic customer service and fitting service.

  19. Erica

    Im 10 weeks and 5 days today . I was a mess this morning getting dressed for work . Everything i put on didnt feel comfortable , tight and made me feel so insecure about myself . Definatly thinking about getting some new clothes but scared to splurge on it too as i dont like spoiling myself haha

  20. Jami

    I found Pinkblush maternity to be a great online resource. Already reasonably priced and I just wait for a special offer code email to purchase for an even greater discount.
    Also eBay! I read reviews on maternity jeans on Gap.com and based off of reviews found the right jeans and right size for me on eBay. New with tags for $26.

  21. Abbey

    I’ve bought more this time as I tried to buy very little last time and felt really rubbish. We wear them a lot more than normal clothes so they don’t stay great for long. However I have bought everything in sale and got some real bargains from asos and amazon and feel so much better this time round!

  22. Caroline

    I have found the Mothercare Outlet store to be a godsend! They always have things on offer – some clothes half price and a rail with tops and shirts all down to £5 each. I’ve never been much of a bargain hunter but I really struck it lucky here. I’ve only bought a couple of full priced items. Also, my cousin told me that online sites like Gumtree can be good for the odd bargain. Plus, when you’re done having kids it can all be sold again online so you get some money back too.
    I’ve found the downside to be that places like John Lewis don’t keep maternity wear in stock so you have to order online, pay for it, then collect and try on before taking it to a till for a refund if it doesn’t suit. Bit of a faff.

  23. Riga

    I’ve found extra long leggings from TopShop (£15) to be a god send. They have a big stretchy waist band and because of the extra length, you can yank them right up over your bump! They are so comfy.

  24. Jessica Wilson

    It is true that some maternity essentials are a must but I have just gone out and brought a couple of cheap maxi dresses that stretch over my bump. I’m nearly 25 weeks and have a big all round bump. They aren’t maternity dresses just normal ones in a bigger size. They are so comfortable. In the hot weather we’ve been having in the last couple of days here in Great Yarmouth I don’t want to be wearing anything restrictive or tight so these straight long dresses are fab! I just brought some in 3 different colours . Most maternity clothes are over expensive and I really haven’t got the money to be buying and spending over the top priced clothes. Shops take the Mickey because they know pregnant women “need” stuff. Luckily as it’s coming up to summer il be wearing dresses most of the time and maxi dresses look fine on pregnant women even if they aren’t in the maternity section. The only thing I agree on is the shoes and the bras. I’m big busted anyway and now being pregnant again for the 2nd time I really need to be getting measured. I wish retailers wouldn’t bump the prices up on maternity clothes just because they think they can fleece women left right and centre. It isn’t fair. Especially over the bump maternity knickers I think mothercare wanted £30 for a pack of 2 certainly a price I can’t afford!

  25. Amy

    I found that Target has the best prices for trendy maternity clothes. Also check their website! The other maternity stores are way over-priced.