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8 Perks of the Second Trimester

The second trimester is often the time during a pregnancy when a woman can relax some. The risk of miscarriage is reduced, and often the icky side effects of the first trimester are coming to an end. It also represents progress, and for many women, the second trimester is where they finally look and feel pregnant.

We have gathered the 8 Second Trimester PERKS, that will have you looking forward to the midway part of your pregnancy.

1.  You will finally start showing. Maybe you have noticed your baby bump, but during the second trimester others will as well! Being visibly pregnant definitely makes the pregnancy feel more real.

2.  You will get to have an ultrasound, and your baby will look like a real human. You will be amazed at how your baby – so tiny in the womb – has tiny fingers and hands that even move. The second trimester ultrasound is, for many, one of the highlights of pregnancy.

3.  Your energy levels will return. Certainly hormones are still running amuck. But the surges in progesterone will start to drop off, which will leave you feeling more like yourself and with a lot more energy. Plus, since you aren’t so big that mobility is a problem, you will likely be happy to exercise and stay active.

4.  You can begin sharing the news with everyone and anyone! Many people only tell very close family members (or no one at all) in the very beginning. But now that you are soaring through the second trimester you may be inclined to shout it from the rooftops.

5.  Your baby can hear you! This means they start learning your voice, they can hear music, and you can truly talk to your baby. Experts believe that babies learn to recognize their parents voices during the second trimester.

6. Sometime during the second trimester you will be able to feel your baby move. Feeling the baby move, and even better – seeing the baby move inside your belly – is truly one of the most remarkable and beautiful parts of pregnancy. The flutters you feel in the beginning will soon turn out to be all out kicks and punches. And during the second trimester, others will be able to see and feel the movements as well.

7.  You can get a fairly accurate estimate of your baby’s gender if you want it. With ultrasound technology, those who want to know can know – which means you can start planning for pink or blue, and coming up with baby names.

8. With you (hopefully) feeling better and having some extra energy to boot, the second trimester is the perfect time for a vacation or getaway. As long as your pregnancy is progressing smoothly, you wont have any limitations on travel and can enjoy one last getaway before the baby is born!

Tell us, what were or are your favorite parts of the second trimester?

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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Team Health & Parenting8 Perks of the Second Trimester

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  1. Christy

    I’m also 18 weeks! This is my second pregnancy with my our first was stillborn, so I get a big shot of progesterone in my butt every Saturday morning. Dad is scared and unfortunenrly started cheating and so I’m at it alone. So Chloe you are not alone girl!!!! Praying for a happy healthy baby boy! 💙🙏🏼

  2. Mrs. Maggio

    This will be my 3rd baby I’m having a Lil girl and I’m so excited I’m 18 weeks almost 19 and for some reason already having prelabor pains my Lil girl according to my doctor is progressing faster then expected I’m a Lil bit nervous

  3. JoLinda Newbold

    I am 18 weeks today. It’s my fourth and final baby. My husband hates sleeping with me, because I can’t get comfortable. He says when I move he wakes up. So he’s up all night. I have been claiming a girl since day one. I find out next Tuesday at 19 weeks. Keeping my prayers going up.

  4. Nat

    Hi, I’m 36 and this is my first pregnancy. I’m 18 weeks and so happy to have a little one on the way finally😊. I haven’t felt any flutters yet but I read this is normal for first time mom’s. So I wait patiently for the first flutter 💓.

  5. Sissy

    I’m 18 weeks today and I’m really happy about it. I’ve being feeling some flutters not but not strong enough for my Husband to feel and I’m really sure it’s not gas. My ultrasound is in 2weeks and I really can’t wait to find out the sex. I had no morning sickness at all and people say that when you have no morning sickness, it’s likely to be a boy. I can’t wait for the big new.

  6. Asia

    Hi. I’m 23, we’re 18 weeks today with our first baby. I’ve not experienced morning sickness at all. Suffering from sciatica unfortunately. Worst pain ever in my opinion. I felt the baby’s little feet last night when he/she kicked. Most amazing feeling ever. We’re so excited to find out the gender. Good luck to all the mummies 💞

  7. Gaye Nelson

    I am 18 weeks today and I think I just felt the baby move .i am not sure though as it was very faint.cannot wait for baby to kick ❤️

  8. Amanda

    18 weeks today with twins still can’t feel them or know what to look out for. It makes me nervous

  9. Daphane

    My favorite part about the 2nd trimester is when I felt my coco puff move for the 1st time it was amazing and that was at 16wks and I am now exactly 18wks today at my doctor appointment and she’s moving around now..Whenever I eat anything sweet she get active lol

  10. Judith

    Am 18 weeks today with twins but still bleeding and sometimes spotting.. Any advice pls….

  11. Cv

    For me the second trimester has been the hardest. I started with bleeding due to placenta previa. Week 17, they told me it moved, but I am still spotting due to a blood clog. I also had a sharp pain on my pelvic area that was due to a uti, it has been a roller coaster. Today at 18 weeks, i am positive that everything will be smoothly as possible and all those issues are left behind.

  12. Milon

    My wife is 19 weeks pregnant. Her morning sickness is reduced and her belly is growing. She can feel our baby’s movement. We still don’t know the gender yet. But it doesn’t matter. We need a healthy baby ☺☺

  13. Chloe

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant, with my first child. Unfortunately the father wants nothing to do with them, I feel flutters every now and then, I get to find out the sex in 2 weeks but I’m positive I don’t want to know. I’m lucky to have the friends and family that I do that will make up for the absence of their father. Good luck to everyone. Hope all goes well.

  14. Paulina

    I am on week 18 th . Still having my morning sickness. Cant wait to find out the sex of baby. My energy level its up and down. My belly is growing 😊 and not only… need to supply new brass. Nearly half of pregnancy done. Come on bring it on another half 😉💯😀

  15. Renée

    18 weeks today, but still feeling really tired and not sleeping well. Hoping that starts to improve. Am feeling teeny flutters in my tummy, though I think sometimes it’s just digestion. Looking forward to the 20 week scan!

  16. Lanie Klare

    I’m 18 weeks today and I can feel my precious baby moving..I can’t wait to feel more soon.. 😊

  17. Iceberg

    My girlfriend is 39 and is 18 weeks pregnant. We just found out the cervix has opened and needs emergency surgery. This is tramatic for us and our little pumpkin. It’s 05/21/16 and this could very well be our last day with him. We are so proud of him and his 156 heartbeat. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone else with or without any complications.
    Thank you all for listening

  18. Emma

    I am 18 weeks today. I have felt some flutters and nudges and cannot wait until they’re strong enough for my hubby to feel. He lays his hand on my (huge) bump for so long, hoping haha. This is our first child and we are super excited. Find out the gender hopefully at our 19 week ultrasound but we’re keeping it a secret from family 😛 So far I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy although I struggle with fatigue and this crazy emotional whiplash! Lucky hubby is crazy supportive 🙂 I’m also loving singing and crooning to my little baby and feeling little flutters as I cook! Baby will be a foodie like their mama!

  19. Rukky

    Hurray I’m 18wks today,but seriously I havn’t heard d baby’s movement. It seriously baffled me,can’t wait to hear ma little one’s movement. I hop all is well.

  20. Blanca

    I am a 28 year old mom to three boys, ages 8, 5 and 4. This is my fourth and last pregnancy. I get my ultrasound this Tuesday and am superrrr excited! My first three pregnancies were blissful, besides the tiredness but this one…. Oh boy did I had a rough first trimester full of nausea and vomiting ! 🙁 …. I am hoping i finally get my baby girl , my heart tells me it is. Praying I as well as all you mommies have a healthy remainder of your pregnancy 🙂

  21. Melanie

    I am 18 weeks today. I’m 41 years old and this is my 5th child. It’s been 9 years since I’ve had a baby and it seems like it’s my first all over again. First trimester was completely uneventful. Not a day of morning sickness; however, second trimester has been the most stressful for me. Complications are arising…mainly due to my age. I am still hoping for the best outcome in spite of all the complications. I wish everyone the best and good luck to all you new mothers and many more blessings.

  22. Nran

    I am 14 weeks now, the nausia is completly gone, but my uptite isn’t back just yet. I still throw up after brushing my tongue in the morning.

    I feel just like mtself, except less stamina in walking and climing the stairs is still exhausting. But I am more up to house chors.

    I don’t feel the baby just yet, but I have a loud stomach, so probably I am confusing him with my usual bowel movements, lol.

    The doctor told me it’s a girl, but could be a boy. -_-
    That’s very helpful, I was afraid there might be a third option. Crazy doc.

  23. Natasha

    Hello, I am 18 weeks today and am just starting to feel better, it’s been a very rough 1st trimester and rough start to the 2nd one. Hubby and I found out that we are having a girl – our first little miracle! I’ve been feeling quivering for several weeks now, but hope to feel her really move soon.

  24. Danielle

    I’m 18wks today. I think the funny feeling I’m experiencing lately is the baby moving. My first pregnancy that’s progressed this far after several miscarriages that never made it past 8wks. But I’m infatuated with my baby bump 😍😍. Find out the gender next week! Super excited!!

  25. Yvette

    Pregnant now with my second child. First one is now six and a half. I just turned to 18 weeks and get none of these “perks” I’ve been sick and tired the entire pregnancy so far. Been to the hospital a few times because I wasn’t even able to keep any kind of fluids down. My first was easy compared to this one. It’s just scary.
    Not only that my last was a girl and my sex drive was going 24-7 this time I have none at all. 😢 can’t wait to hold my baby and feel like myself again.

  26. Amadi

    Hi ! I’m 18weeks Today, carrying my first child! The second trimester has been awesome compared to the first! I’ve recently began feeling little kicks and I’m so excited. But baby never seems to kick when dad is around 😩 lol but hopefully I will find out the gender on Monday …

  27. Dominique

    Hey My name is Dominique. I’m 18 weeks. I feel little kicks every now and then. Me and my boyfriend hopefully find out in 2 weeks what we are having. I have a 2yr old daughter of my own and this is my 2nd baby but his first so this should be fun

  28. Margareta

    I’m 21 weeks and I feel fantastic so far. Hopefully I feel this way all the pregnancy journey. Our baby is very active, lots of kicks everyday, the feeling is just amazing. We are so excited of our bundle of joy that already has changed our lives.
    All the best to every single mam in the world!

  29. Dana

    Sadly, the second trimester hasn’t been that great for so far. I’m 18 weeks today and still struggling with nausea and vomiting, plus so many aches and pains that I can’t sleep at night or do much at all during the day. I’m pleased to have a noticeable baby bump, but my god it hurts! I feel like I’ve done a thousand sit ups and it’s as if I have a stitch all over my tummy 🙁 And, unfortunately for both of us, my sex drive has completely disappeared.

    On the plus side, we found out that we’re having a boy at our 16 week scan and we’re so excited about that 🙂 I think I may be starting to feel movements, but I have an anterior placenta so it’s hard to be sure. I feel flutters and bubbles low down, and recently a feeling of pressure on my right side which comes and goes, almost as if something is pushing out from the inside. Only time will tell!

  30. mzwales

    Hi am 18wks gone and this is my second baby, have gone for an autrasound and I know I have a baby inside me.But have not felt the movement as I expect, just some rubbling in my stomach and by my ribs. Is that the movement? It is well with my baby ijn. Amen

  31. Sera

    So exciting Leila! What a long time 12 years! I just prayed for you and your baby that you will both stay healthy and all will go well with the rest of your pregnancy! xox

  32. Leila

    I’m 18w and haven’t felt any movement yet. Last I checked we couldn’t find the gender of the baby but hope to do it on 20w. This’s my 2nd baby after 12 years and several miscarriages. I pray to God all goes well.

  33. Lauren

    18 weeks today with second. 2 weeks exactly till me and fiancé find out whether it’s a boy or girl! So excited. Already have a 4 year old boy so would like a girl but as long as the baby is healthy, we’ll be happy. I’ve been feeling movement since 10-11 weeks then felt proper kicks around 14 weeks. My fiancé has felt one kick so far as the baby stops moving when he tries to feel movement, but it is one very active baby! I wish I had this app when I was pregnant with my first. Would of helped a lot as I had no clue what every little twinge or slight pain meant or whether it was a serious problem or just growing pain.

  34. Bilge

    Yaaayy !! I just passed 18 weeks today and tomorrow will be first day of 19 .I am extremely excited.Its my first baby boy.In our country Turkey,we learnd the gender in 16 th week.Anyways I have a question to the experienced moms please,whenever I eat something yummy I feel under my left rib some movems.Everytime I lay on left tib I feel it too.What is thaaaat?Is it the baby or baby moves should only be under bely button.If anyone answers Thx lot guys!!!I wish every one gives the easiest birth lav yaaa

  35. Charli

    I’m 18wks today, I barely have a bump, just a kinda roll of fat around my lower stomach! Lol I’m skinny so I thought it would’ve shown sooner but not much yet! Also I haven’t felt any movement from the baby yet, though I know they’re ok as I got to hear the heartbeat just two days ago! Can’t wait to actual start to show, and to feel my baby moving around! 😊 x x

  36. Ina

    Im also 18weeks already! Can’t believe how time flies by! This is our first child and the movements started around 14weeks! My husband and my sister already felt the baby kicking. The kicking usually starts at 12am and continues till 11pm. It’s such an awesome indescribable feeling! 2 more weeks to find out the gender of our little baby!! Sooo excited!!

  37. tasia

    18 weeks as of today team pink… Again… This is my Omega.. Everything is so different with this little baby she has been such a peaceful little being… No morning sickness…. Just headaches… Excited to hold my baby girl….

  38. Nata

    I’m 18 weeks and the nausea comes when I least expect it, headaches are also too much. But the best part is the flutters I feel just can’t wait for my 7 yr old daughter and hubby to share in the kicking part. Last scan said pink feet wil confirm on 20 weeks again

  39. Laura

    I’ve been feeling my baby move since 16 weeks as he or she is at the front still makes me smile every time I feel it. Can’t wait to find out if it’s team pink or blue 2 weeks to wait 🙂

  40. Gillian

    I am 18 weeks today and have felt small flutters but my partner hasn’t been able to see or feel any movements yet as been told by midwife I have front placenta and its Normal for woman to feel movements late in pregnancy,can’t wait till I can see our baby moving, I had a private gender scan at 16 weeks to find out we are pink 🙂

  41. LaNeyce Edwards

    I’m 18 weeks today, with my first child! Overwhelmed with joy, especially seeing my baby bump. Cant wait to finally meet him. My husband and I talk to him everyday.

  42. Vicky

    I’m 18 weeks today with my first and looking forward to getting a proper bump as I’m barely showing yet at all! I love the fact that my baby can hear my voice now and I can’t wait to feel it move and hopefully find out if I’m team pink or blue at my 20 week scan.

  43. Claire

    Hi im 18 weeks pregnant and due for a routine 6 month’s smear,was just wondering is it safe,my last smear I had to get the lledtz procedure done and get rid of any abnormal cells,just don’t sana get this done if if harm’s my baby,all advice welcome xx

  44. crystal

    im 18weeks pregnant today and i still havent felt the baby move this is my second pregnancy just wondering when it will happen.

  45. Roxanne Odom

    I love this app. I am a mother of 3 and I’m 18 weeks pregnant today. It’s so neat how it shows and tells all the different thing’s about my baby.

  46. Kari

    I’m 18 weeks & I gota say the only bad thing on this trimester so far we him being in my ribs. But this trimester has been great.

  47. Vicky

    I am also 18 weeks today. But I haven’t yet felt my baby move at all. Why is that? My symptoms from the first trimester like nausea and exhaustion are slowly passing. In my last doctor’s appointment we were able to see the baby’s gender. So I am now beginning to shop for blue.
    I can’t wait to feel my baby move.

  48. Tiffany

    I am literally 18 weeks today, and the best moments I am experiencing is getting over my sickness, mentally preparing to start buying lots of cute things for the baby, &last but not least feeling the baby move when I eat yummy things that he or she likes! By the way, I pray for a healthy child in Jesus name! !!

  49. Stevie Llewellyn-Nash

    I am 18wks today and my best moments are talking to my child, feel them move, having energy and just feeling mumsy. I love my life but my child more

  50. Mags

    RPO, I can assure you as a mother of three children that this app is extremely accurate! I love it!

  51. RPO

    “amuck” is not a word — the correct spelling is “amok.” Spelling errors make me nervous about trusting this for any kind of accurate information.