Tips for Dealing with Stretch Marks

Many women are upset to realize in the third trimester of pregnancy that they have stretch marks many places on their bodies. Some women get one or two, while others get multiple stretch marks on their abdomens, legs, back, buttocks, and breasts.

Its true as your skin stretches while you are pregnant, stretch marks may occur. Experts believe that your predisposition to stretch marks has more to do with genetics than the amount of weight you gain. And the truth is while they may appear purplish or red now – and maybe even itch like crazy – as your body shrinks back to normal, the appearance of the stretch marks will lessen.

While there are many products on the market that boast eliminating or removing stretch marks, doing so is actually tricky. One of the best things that you can do during pregnancy, is liberally apply natural oils or lotions on your body as you expand. Not only can this help the stretch marks, but it can also help diminish the itching and redness. There are several creams on the market specially designed for pregnant women. You can find them in the baby aisle or lotion aisle of most pharmacies or grocery stores. Ask some pregnant friends, family members or co-workers which cream they used. Chances are you will get multiple recommendations. Some women even use olive oil to gloss up their baby bumps!

It’s also important to drink plenty of water to help avoid stretch marks. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and as such, it needs lots of hydration from water to stay healthy. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will suffer and excessive stretch marks can be the result.

Another important aspect of reducing stretch marks is eating a healthy diet. Your skin requires anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin A to stay in healthy shape. The best way to nourish your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs is to eat a diet rich in these substances.

Believe it or not, another way to minimize stretch marks is to exercise during pregnancy. Exercise helps the skin maintain its elasticity which is critical in avoiding stretch marks. It can also keep you from gaining weight too quickly, which can result in stretch marks. And, its healthy for you and your baby.

At the end of your pregnancy, you shouldn’t worry too much about your stretch marks. Many women see them as their marks of courage, and are proud to have them, especially knowing that they came from the birth of their child. After you give birth, the stretch marks will fade into a silvery color and will not be as noticeable. And chances are everyone who loves you will only see you as more beautiful. So, be easy on yourself.  

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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  3. Dominque

    I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my third child. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks with my first pregnancy and got very little with the second. This pregnancy none! I always do the same thing, Vaseline lotion with coca butter. I have a bottle in the bathroom,so every time I would use the bathroom I would put lotion in my stomach and butt. I couldn’t see under my belly with the second pregnancy and kind of neglected that area. Once I had the baby I kept it up and they eventually got light enough that I hardly see them. This pregnancy I know to apply and feel my way around to cover every inch. So far it’s working. Good luck ladies!

  4. Amanda

    Im 17w 4d and have been using a product called Bio Oil. It helps prevent new stretch marks and helps old ones dissapear. Can also be used on scars and dehydrated skin. Im oretty petite and can feel my skin stretch so have decided to use this early and i love it. Also gives my oartner a chance to bond with my bump when he rubs it into my belly for me 😊

  5. Ana

    I am 17 weeks and 4 days and I haven’t noticed any stretch marks, but this could also be happening because I was very fat 5 years ago, so my skin “remembered” the stretching, I don’t know. The problem is that even if I find marks later, I cannot use any oil because the smell attracts mosquitos and I live in a place with the threat of zika, so the only thing I use each time I go out is the repellent. I don’t care about the marks, I only hope to have a healthy baby.

  6. Kate

    I had my 1st son very young and my body just wast ready for stretching, it had t finished growing itself….and for years I felt so insecure about my body as they covered every possible surface. I used pure vitamin E oil to reduce the redness and now they r same as my skin. I do not show them publicly but I’ve learned to live with them. They are the finger prints of my children on my skin! Their little tatoo….and that I dnt mind so much. 😋

  7. Natalie

    I’m now 40 weeks and 5 days (so over due..) I’ve experienced extremely bad swelling for the last 3 and a half months of my pregnancy due to nothing other than I just held the fluid, blood pressure has always been perfect and no protein in my urine so no health issues but because of the intense swelling I’ve had stretch marks pop up EVERYWHERE. From my lower tummy, to breasts, arm pits, to my bum and right down my legs 🙁 it really sucks but it’s been a huge turning point for me. Knowing your body does change… So much more than I ever expected! I’m very blessed to have a loving husband and not feel overly self-conscious about them (though publicly I’m not comfortable yet)! A lot of women tend to use bio oil for stretch marks but I’ve been warned against it from chemists and doctors for the amount of bio chemicals in it which can and will reach baby so be careful ladies. I’ve found high strength (20,000-40,000mg) vitamin E oil and cream has lightened my stretch marks dramatically and is totally safe to use during pregnancy.

  8. Kim

    I have stretch marks on my thighs from when I was a teenager due to a thyroid imbalance. So with my first pregnancy I was religiously using Elemis’s Japanese camellia oil (safe and in pregnancy) twice a day on my tummy, boobs, lower back and thighs and I didn’t get any stretch marks, so with this pregnancy I’m doing the exact same thing, hopefully I will get the same great results.

  9. Amira

    I’m 17 weeks +4 days and I’m very worried about stretch marks. I know I will get them due to genetics but I hate the thought. I only have a mini bump but it already makes me feel uncomfortable and unattractive and I do what I can to cover it. I’m worried I’ll never love myself again (had an amazing body before this without a stretch mark or blemish in sight) and my confidence has plummeted with each passing week. I love the baby inside me but wish that the consequences weren’t so severe. My fiance tries to be supportive and tells me he still finds me very attractive and will continue to do so but its not about other people, its about how you feel in your own skin. Lets just say if i do get marks on my back or butt i will probably consider some type of surgery to be rid of them!! Call me shallow but I’ve been bullied all my young life due to being fat because of steriods. My body has been a big issue all my life and I’m very unconfident. Fingers crossed it wont happen to me!!

  10. Afnan

    True , the only oil and cream I use is bio oil it’s very effective and cacao cream .
    Nice smell and leaves your body without any marks try it !

  11. Dana

    It’s a complete myth that creams and oils, or staying hydrated etc, prevents stretch marks. If you’re going to get them, you’ll get them anyway.

    I’ve been doing all of the above, yet I’m 17+4 and absolutely covered in massive red stretch marks on my tummy. I know they will fade in time, but it is disheartening when they first appear. Stretch marks run in my family though, every woman has them, so I expected it!

  12. Ina

    Im 18 weeks pregnant and about 13 weeks the first stretch marks appeared on my belly. I immediately applied body milk and massaged that area softly. It helped, they dissapeared. I got some advice from my aunt who is pregnant with the 3rd child amd barely has stretch marks. She introduced me to “Bio oil” which you have to apply twice a day. I bought it and ever since i apply it on my skin, it really works. I’m so far very happy with the results. The skin remains moisturized all the time and it also gets very soft. It smells good. So for me it worked so far.

  13. Maria

    If you’re drinking enough fluid and that doesn’t help, nothing else will. Unless someone can find a decent amount of good, unbiased evidence to prove otherwise! Not gonna waste my money on creams. Got more important things to invest it in now.

  14. Shauna

    I think using any sort of natural moisturizer for pregnancy stretch marks throughout your pregnancy helps. My doc and prenatal yoga instructor say prevention is key, and to start before you get them. Also, make sure you apply to your back and bottom! I rotate between Burt’s Bees Mama Bee lotion and Lushs pregnancy massage bar. However, I’m almost certain what’s helping me out the most is drinking a ton of water. At minimum I drink two and half liters of water a day but I strive to drink three liters, plus any other juices or teas I might have. I’m no expert but staying hydrated makes me feel great!

  15. Anastasia

    I’ve been applying natural coconut oil/cream every day since I found out I was pregnant. I just love the way it feels on my skin! I’m in week 17 now, no stretch marks so far, so keeping my fingers crossed!

  16. Dominique

    32 weeks pregnant and I bought into the hype about bio oil… now I can’t even apply it in addition to other creams/oils without getting Major itch attacks!! My mom gave me some vitamins E oil to try as she did and I am in love!! Absolutely no more itching and it actually lasts a good 6-10 hours depending on your activities. Yes it’s a bit “sticky” but if you want to help prevent tiger stripes… or just get rid of the scratchyness I highly recommend at least trying this instead if bio oil.
    Every woman to their own though! Good luck with your own pregnancies!!

  17. Maike

    This is my first and would like to know does anyone have recommendations about a product i can use as of the first trimester to keep my skin subtle?

  18. Erica

    Synthetic vitamin A is bad for you. You can eat all the vitamin A containing foods you want, just don’t take synthetic vitamin A in pill form.

  19. Marcela

    I love my husbands response when I express my concern over getting stretch marks again. He says they’re not stretch marks…they’re tiger stripes, because ladies should feel good about their beautiful bodies while they are carrying their loved one’s child. I have to say, he has made me feel so much better about this pregnancy than my previous two pregnancies (different relationship). Embrace you’re Tiger stripes ladies

  20. Daniela

    Eat stuff containing Beta carotin, thats in everything green or carrots (got it’s name from them) and your body turns it into the amount of vit a it needs. You will need a small amount of fat to take with the vegetables to use it though. Like olive oil in a salad dressing. Otherwise you aren’t able to digest it properly And it’s lost down the loo.

  21. Annie

    I tought too much vitamine A is not good when we’re pregnant.
    How do we know how’s too much?