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Everything you need for your baby in one App.

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New baby? Track your baby’s development, and save those special moments forever. Get the supportive Baby App for moms and dads!

Baby+ gives you everything you need in one App: helpful Daily Information, a Personal Diary, White Noise to help your baby sleep, eCards that can be shared with family & friends, Amazing Photo Tools, Development Trackers, Reminders, and so much more!

In this Baby App you’ll get:

INFORMATION – to reassure and support
– A Personalised Homepage
– Daily Activities for you to do with your baby
– Week by Week Development Info
– Activities and Toys by Age information
– Parenting Guides
– Breastfeeding Guides & Support
– Breastfeeding Videos
– After Birth Recovery Tips

MEMORIES – record & share with family
– Baby Diary
– Special Moments
– Create a Yearbook

PHOTO TOOLS – create beautiful images & videos
– eCards
– Face a Day (create a timeline video)
– Add Stickers
– Photo Advice

AUDIO TOOLS – to help baby sleep
– White Noise
– Lullabies

– Milestones
– Tooth Chart
– WHO Growth Data
– Growth Tracker
– Weight & Height Tracker
– Head Circumference
– Diaper Changes
– Breast Feeding
– Bottle Feeding
– Solid Feeds
– Sleep Patterns

HEALTH – support
– Doctor Visit Planner
– Mom’s Weight Tracker

CHILDREN – tailored to your family
– Multiple Children
– Twin Option

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