The Baby Blues

Many new mums experience the ‘baby blues’ within a few days of giving birth. After the initial oxytocin-induced natural high of meeting your baby for the first time, the baby blues can come as a bit of a shock. One minute you are over the moon, truly and utterly in love, and the next minute […]

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How to Reduce the Risk of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occurs when an otherwise healthy baby dies for unknown reasons. Also known as cot death, SIDS occurs without warning. Though rare, over 2000 babies die from SIDS each year in the United States. Why does SIDS happen? The exact causes of SIDS are unknown, but it is thought some babies […]

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How to Bond with Your Baby

For some parents, bonding begins in utero, and for some it happens instantly at birth. For others, it can take a few days for things to settle down enough for the bonding process to really begin, and some parents may find it takes a bit longer. There are plenty of ways you can encourage the […]

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Unwanted Parenting Advice & How to Ignore It

As soon as you announced your pregnancy, you probably started receiving unwanted parenting advice. From your mother in law monitoring your diet, to the stranger at the bus stop giving you a dirty look for drinking a coffee, it may seem that your pregnancy is up for discussion. Add to this the number of people […]

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Seven Tips for New Moms

Being a new mom is wonderful, special, exhausting and unlike anything else. You are probably still walking on air from the intense power of the love you feel for your newborn. Whilst at the same time, you are tired to the point of breaking, and feel like emotional wreck. Here are seven tips for new […]

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Visiting a Newborn: How to be a SuperGuest

Someone you know has just had a baby, and you are about to get all of the cuddles and cuteness without any of the hard work (read: pushing). To cement your special place in the baby’s heart, you first need to win over the parents. Whether they’re close friends or family, you’ll still need to […]

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Pregnant woman with her toddler daughter

The Best Time For Another Baby

You’ve made it through the early months, the breastfeeding struggles, the challenges of starting solids and teething. You’re nearing your baby’s first birthday in the coming weeks or months, and you’re starting to wonder if maybe it’s time to start trying to conceive again. Everyone will have an opinion for you, but while people mean […]

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breastfeeding baby

Tandem Breastfeeding

Tandem nursing is breastfeeding two different-aged babies during the same time period. Why in the world might that happen?, you’re thinking. Most of the time it isn’t planned – baby #1 just isn’t ready to wean when baby #2 arrives on the scene. Here’s what you need to know if you find yourself with the […]

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Sleeping baby

The Self-Soothing Sleep Method

Most babies are still waking throughout the night in week 25. Don’t worry, you’re not the only mama using matchsticks to keep her eyelids open this week. Sleep deprivation isn’t fun and can leave you feeling pretty rotten. There are so many different parenting styles when it comes to sleep and you may have reached […]

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Household cleaning products in a bucket

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Those dust bunnies in the corner may have never bothered you before; but now that your baby has tried to eat them, you’re hoping to eradicate those untidy residents. Since your baby is crawling, and maybe even pulling himself up to stand, you’re more conscious of cleaning areas of your home that you may have […]

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