Young baby sitting on a bed

Sitting Up: What You Need To Know

Sitting up is an important milestone in the life of a baby. It means your baby is working on developing the strength and determination she needs for mobility. Oh yes, sitting is definitely a step towards crawling and it won’t be long before your baby is zooming around the room. It also means you’ll have […]

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Mom with a baby on a white bed

The Importance of Consistency

Babies and young children thrive when they are in routines and know what to expect. It doesn’t have to be a strict routine with scheduled nap times and snack breaks but a simple pattern to each day will help your child to relax. It may seem a little too early to be talking about the […]

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Baby eating dirt

Is Dirt Good for Kids?

If you’re trying to keep your baby away from germs, you are probably fighting a losing battle. Babies love dirt and mess and pretty much everything they shouldn’t really be touching. They will happily cuddle up with their incredibly snotty best friend, gleefully play with puddles of mud and are more than happy giving the […]

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Screaming woman

I Swore I’d Never …

One day, I caught myself yelling, “If you lick your sister one more time ….” Did I really utter those words? And, loud enough that the neighbors likely heard me? Sometimes, I hear my own mother’s voice when I say, “cut it out” – cut what out, my kids probably think, or more likely, where […]

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Baby boy crawling on a floor

8 Month Milestones: What to Expect

At eight months old, your baby is starting to make some amazingly cute noises throughout the day. She’s busy discovering her vocal chords and experimenting with the sounds she can make. She’s also busy working out to build her strength ready for the mobility she’s working so hard to achieve. Your baby is busy developing […]

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Baby with parents and grandparents sitting on a couch

Creating Traditions with Your Baby

You might have grown up with various traditions that you looked forward to each year. Now that you’re a parent, you want to create traditions with your baby. Even if your baby is too young to understand what is going on, it’s never too early to start establishing certain family traditions. Family traditions can be […]

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Woman singing in a bath tub

5 Things You Should Keep Doing as a Parent

Becoming a parent for the first time is a bit like somebody picking up your whole life, giving it a good shake and then tipping it out onto the floor. You know everything should still be there but can’t quite find the things you need. It’s life changing and will take you quite some time […]

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Baby girl playing with blocks

5 Fun Gender Neutral Toys

Toys are often split by gender. Pink building blocks for girls and brightly colored building blocks for boys, for example. Doctors, superhero and police officer outfits for boys and an array of princess dresses for little girls. How can a toy be gendered, you may wonder, surely you can just buy whichever toy you want? […]

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Mixed race couple playing with their baby on a bed

5 Amazing Things About Growing up in a Mixed Race Family

Growing up in a mixed race family isn’t always the easiest. Mixed race people are often asked to explain who they are by strangers and this can be pretty stressful, especially for those still working out their cultural identity. Parents of mixed race children often get asked whether they are the babysitter, apparently the general […]

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Playful baby in a baby car seat

5 Car Accessories Your Baby Will Love

Babies and long car journeys aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Now that your baby is old enough to have developed a feisty personality, she probably fights like a wild animal when it’s time to try and strap her into her car seat. Your baby is busy learning how to mobilize, so it’s no […]

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