Woman holding her sleeping newborn baby on her chest

Preparing for Life with a Baby

You’ve installed the car seat, and assembled the crib, changing table, swing, stroller, and more. You have washed all of the onesies and sleepers, and have stocked up on diapers. Now what? What else can you do to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Try this exercise: Draw a circle on a sheet of paper and […]

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Five Weird Things to Expect Post Pregnancy

If you’re currently pregnant, you’re probably experiencing some of the weird and wonderful body changes that pregnancy brings. Increased body hair growth, darkened skin patches and bigger feet, to name just a few. But did you know there are even more changes in store for after the birth? Here are five weird things to expect […]

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The Baby Blues

Many new mums experience the ‘baby blues’ within a few days of giving birth. After the initial oxytocin-induced natural high of meeting your baby for the first time, the baby blues can come as a bit of a shock. One minute you are over the moon, truly and utterly in love, and the next minute […]

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Woman standing on scales

5 Things to Remember About Postpartum Weight Loss

Well, it’s been 38 weeks since your pregnancy ended so you may be wondering why your body hasn’t bounced back yet. And why is it taking so long, when most celebrities seem to have rock hard abs just weeks after giving birth? And, more importantly, when are you meant to find the time to exercise […]

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Making Peace with Your Birth Experience

Making Peace With Your Birth Experience

You wait 9 long months. You write a birth plan and attend childbirth classes. You practice relaxation exercises and get your birth partner on board. Then birth happens. Maybe you have a long labor – or even a very short one. Maybe it was more difficult than you imagined, or you felt violated in some […]

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