Safe Medications During Pregnancy

You have allergies. Or migraines. Perhaps you suffer from an underactive thyroid, or high blood pressure. Or you are suffering from generalized aches and pains during pregnancy. Now that you are pregnant, you may be wondering what medications are safe to take during pregnancy. The most important thing to know is that you should take as little medication as possible! Obviously, if you have any …

Team Health & ParentingSafe Medications During Pregnancy

Do Pregnancy Cravings Mean Anything?

Most women will experience at least one pregnancy craving, although some may experience more. A food craving is a sudden desire to eat a certain food. During pregnancy, these could be unusual food combinations (such as salty crisps dipped in chocolate, or pickle and ice cream), or more normal foods. Pregnancy cravings can happen at any point, but are most …

Fiona PeacockDo Pregnancy Cravings Mean Anything?

Single and Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate family. Yet many women today find themselves single and pregnant. Sometimes by choice, and other times by their partners inability to accept responsibility. In fact, according to statistics, being single and pregnant is no longer a ‘condition’ afflicting only teenagers and there are thousands of woman making the empowered decision to go through pregnancy alone. The …

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Pregnant woman holding scales

Weight Gain During Pregnancy – Is it REALLY The Most Important Thing?

As a woman who has been pregnant five times (miscarrying once and carrying twins during another pregnancy), I can say firsthand that the routine weigh-ins during pregnancy exams can often be – no ARE – the most stressful part of the visit. Here you are at the 10 week mark, excited and giddy about carrying a baby, and your health care …

Team Health & ParentingWeight Gain During Pregnancy – Is it REALLY The Most Important Thing?
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Pregnancy Brain – Is it in YOUR Head?

Here you are pregnant, will be soon be caring for a newborn infant who will keep you awake all night long and you cannot even remember where you left your car keys or to pay a bill on time. Your brain feels like mush, you are forgetful, a bit emotional, and seem to have a much harder time remembering simple things …

Team Health & ParentingPregnancy Brain – Is it in YOUR Head?
Woman getting her pregnant stomach measured by a healthcare professional

Is It Worth Worrying About Bump Size?

No matter how big or small your bump is, you will probably receive comments about it on a daily basis. Whether people are exclaiming at the sheer size of you, or questioning whether you’re really pregnant, it’s understandable to feel annoyed by the constant scrutiny of your bump. Aside from being irritating, the comments may leave you feeling anxious. But …

Fiona PeacockIs It Worth Worrying About Bump Size?

20 Reasons Why Pregnancy Hormones Are Evil

1. They’re the reason why you feel like you’re living Mean Girls, thanks to the outbreak of acne on your face. 2. You have taken to wearing a permanent eye patch in the hope of reducing the pain caused by the constant pregnancy hormone-induced headaches. 3. They made you throw up mashed potatoes. Enough said. 4. They leave you retching …

Fiona Peacock20 Reasons Why Pregnancy Hormones Are Evil

The Truth About Single Parent Pregnancy

Whether you’re embarking on a single parent pregnancy by choice, by happy accident, or by a slightly less happy accident, there are a few things you need to know. In many ways single parent pregnancy is the same as a two parent pregnancy, however there are some ways that it’s very different. Here’s the truth about single parent pregnancy: 1. …

Fiona PeacockThe Truth About Single Parent Pregnancy